Holy Ottowan Republic

The Holy Ottowan Republic is the newest power to take its place as a ruler of space. While they are mostly peaceful, expanding through diplomacy rather than strength of arms, they are not a power to be trifled with and are as strong as the other two. Religion is the heart of the Republic and while they do not forcibly convert there are few that work closely with them that do not end up part of the church.


Towards the end of the 22nd century the unthinkable happened. As humanity marched on towards the destruction of their own race as well as the planet they called home the absentee clockmaker woke up. As it turned out, Sol, the sun of the Solar system, was alive. For years the consciousness had lain dormant. Finally it stirred, saw it’s wayward children, and immediately went to work setting things right.

It sent an avatar out to help guide humanity back onto a better path. This avatar first contacted a young child in Ontario Canada and from there belief spread like wild fire. The conversion to follow this new god was mostly peaceful and all the religions of the Earth were brought into the new belief system that became known as Solaranism.

With this god creature active in the lives of humanity they quickly progressed in both technology and philosophy. Humans became more peaceful and began to repair their home even as they built ships to finally reach the stars. At the same time as humans built more comfortable lives they developed more advance weapons. While Sol favored peace it realized that not everything out there would be peaceful and if its children were to venture beyond their tiny home they would need to be ready.

As humanity spread out among the stars their natural adaptability and relatively fast reproduction rate allowed them to colonize many new planets. They quickly filled the empty worlds around them and under the influence of their fully present deity integrated peacefully in with the races they first discovered. This support also allowed them to take control of nearby regions quickly.

Today the Holy Ottowan Republic rules over vast stretches of space. While their deity again slumbers, its teachings still run strong through the Republic and its subjects. While there is peace within the heart of the Republic they are always ready to defend themselves or snatch a new segment of space from a rival power.

Home World – Earth

Earth is the ancestral home of the human race as well as the Holy Ottowan Republic and while it may not be a center of politics or economy anymore it is still a cherished vacation home and place of pilgrimage. Early on the Republic realized the importance of preserving their homeland and as humanity spread out among the stars they began to restore the planet to a more natural state. Today the planet is filled with natural flora and fauna interspersed with heritage and holy sites. All members of the clergy as well as many of the congregation make a pilgrimage back to Earth at some point in their lives. Even humans that have chosen to leave the Republic favor Earth as the ultimate vacation destination.

Dominant Species

Humans are the founding species of the Holy Ottowan Republic and while they accept anyone who is willing to convert, humans remain the dominant species. Even among the non-human members of the Republic most have at least some human blood. While there are differences between humans based on planetary environments the species remains almost identical to when their home was Earth alone.

Governmental Structure – Theocratic Republic

This power is both a theocracy and a republic. All government officials are elected, though only members of the clergy may run for office. The congregation, those over 16 years of age, chooses local officials. These lower level priests run the day to day of the empire. Each level of higher government is chosen by the clergy beneath it, all the way up to the Prime Minister. These leaders come from within the ranks of those elected by the congregation and move up from there. Officials remain in power for seven years or until death. They can also be removed by a vote of no confidence by the congregation. This vote must be at least 60% of those that fall under the official’s rule. A council known as The Parish supports the Prime Minister. This council has seven seats: the Paladin ruling military matters, the Magnate ruling matters of economy, the Paragon ruling matters of spirituality, and the Viziers of Earth, Fire, Water and Air ruling each of the four quadrants.


While The Holy Ottowan Republic is not focused on trade it still has a thriving economy. Through the assistance of their deity they mastered the art of terraforming early on and it is a skill that has served them well in their dealings with other powers. Even the technologically advanced Pleroma Protectorate has not truly mastered the art of terraforming for it is an understanding of nature more than technology that is needed to effectively terraform a planet. The Republic sells natural resources, especially wood, as well as the skill itself, rebuilding broken and depleted worlds into stunning natural paradises.


While they have come a very long way since they left Earth the Republic is still the least advanced out of the three powers. Their terraforming is their most advance technology and while it far outstrips that of the others, their other technologies are somewhat lacking. For travel the Republic developed the warp drive, a device that manipulates space in time in order to allow spacecraft to travel vast distances in very little time. Unfortunately this technology takes a massive amount of power and is not entirely stable. If precise calculations are not made the consequences can be dire, from warping into solid objects to being lost in space. The Republic favors sonic weapons, phaser and other non-lethal solutions.


The Republic is built on a culture of tolerance and compromise. They are accepting of other beliefs and cultures that join them are allowed to keep their traditions as long as they are accepting of Sol as a primary deity. As such, the culture of the Republic is highly varied though at its roots it still reflects the traditions and values of Earth.
There are three tenants that all members of the Republic follow:

  1. Do unto others as you would have them do to you
  2. Find balance and peace in all things
  3. Show nonbelievers the light but always respect their beliefs

Holy Ottowan Republic

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